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Join Forces with Our Automation Army and Together, Let’s Fight Life’s Tedious Tasks

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Simple Tech Solutions to Accomplish More with Less

What if you had a small army of little robots out in the world, working for you to solve your every day problems—collecting information for you or answering emails on your behalf or doing your bookkeeping or turning your lights off when you leave the room?

How cool would it be to accomplish more with less—less work, less time, less tedium?

That’s what this community is for, to help you create your own automaton army, a collection of automations, AI bots, productivity hacks, and practical tech to make your life easier and better, so you can focus on what really matters.


Joe Bunting

Hi, I’m Joe

If you don’t know me, I’m Joe Bunting. I’m not a tech guy or a programmer. I’m just a writer who has been writing books and teaching since 2010.

But when I started using some basic automations in my business so that I could spend more time writing and less time copy/pasting and other tedious tasks, I found that I was starting to become an addict.

I became addicted to automations!

Since then I’ve built 100s of automations to handle everything from getting rid of duplicates in a spreadsheet to staying in touch with my clients every week (even if I forget!) to creating my own complete agency management system. I’ve created a huge automaton army, and it grows all the time, helping make my and my team’s life easier even as we accomplish more.

And now, I want to share what I’m learning with you, so that you can create an automaton army of your own.

What could you accomplish with your automaton army?

What Could You Accomplish With Automations?

Here are a few of our latest automation guides so you can see what you can accomplish:

Those are just a few ideas to get you started. Here are some more ideas to 

  • Home Automations: Get a notification on your phone whenever a guest shows up at your house
  • Productivity Automations: Automatically create your to do list and calendar every week with the help of AI
  • Sales Automations: Create a call tracking log for all new marketing leads to your business so you can follow up
  • Marketing Automations: When a new customer signs up, automatically send them a custom welcome video
  • Writing Automations: Create a custom AI chatbot, trained on your writing style, and have it outline you next scenes or topics automatically

Those are just a few small things we’ll talk about in future guides.

But Wait, What’s an Automaton

An automaton (pronounced ah-TOM-ah-tawn) was the original robot, first built in the 18th century by watchmakers.

They mesmerized people because they looked so lifelike that they convinced people they were real, but the truth was that they were just lovingly designed systems.

That’s the thing about systems, though. If you put enough work into them, they stop being just a tool and start to become something else… a thing. Not human, of course, but not just another tool.

That’s what this community is for, to help you build lovingly designed systems that can change your work, your life, and even the world.

To help you assemble your own automaton army, filled with things that help you focus on what matters most. 

This Is Just the Start for This Community

The goal of this community is that any time you find yourself doing a repetitive, tedious task that you start asking yourself the question, “Could an automation do this?” It probably can!

And soon, you’ll be on your way to creating your own automaton army. What problems will you solve today?

To building the freedom to do more of what you love!

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