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New Guides and Reviews Weekly to Help You Fight for Freedom from Your Tedious Tasks

We want to help you build your own freedom, freedom from tedious tasks and the problems that get in the way of the work and activities you love.

Every week, we share a new guide or review about the automatons you might want to recruit into your army. You can find them below, and don’t forget to subscribe to follow along! 

Home Automation Prime Day Deals: Last Minutes Deals for 2024

Home Automation Prime Day Deals: Last Minutes Deals for 2024

It’s Amazon Prime Day, which means some of our favorite home automation products are on sale today! 

As we talked about in our home lighting automation guide, home automation can save you time, money, and even help the environment, but that doesn’t mean they’re always cheap. In fact, even on sale, some of the products below are still over $1,000.

But if you’re serious about saving time and money, it’s great to get a good deal along the way, right? I spent way too long going through some of my favorite home automation products on Prime Day and even found some new tools I couldn’t say no to—like the Eufy X10 robotic vacuum and mop, more on that in a bit—and now I want to share some of the best deals with you.

One thing to note is that some of these links are affiliate links, which just means that we’ll earn a small percentage if you purchase. That doesn’t affect your price or my review, but I thought you should know.

Now, let’s look at the deals!

Cloze CRM Review: How to Automate Your Relationships with Cloze

What if you could automate your relationships?

What if you could get reminders to keep in touch with the people who matter to you that were so perfectly timed that any time you send an email or a text, people said, “Oh! I was just thinking about you. I’m so glad you reached out!”

The problem is that keeping in touch with people takes intentionality, organization, and a lot of effort!

That’s where Cloze comes in. Cloze is a personal relationship manager, a type of CRM that’s designed to help you keep in touch with your personal and business relationships easily. Where it’s best, though, is combing through your entire personal and professional contact history with everyone you’ve ever talked to over email, text, and phone, and figuring out the people you most need to talk with today.

In this review of Cloze CRM, I’m going to take a look at how this personal CRM might help you automate your personal and business relationships. We’ll look at its main features, including AI-driven automatic reminders, unified contact management, and huge potential for integrations, as well as the pros and cons of the tool, pricing, and whether it might be a good fit for you.

Automation Data: How to Choose the Right Data to Automate (Writer Tool Update)

Automation Data: How to Choose the Right Data to Automate (Writer Tool Update)

One of the first tasks to create a new automation, system, or tool, is to decide what data you need to be working with.

Sometimes, this is an obvious choice, like if you’re starting a marketing automation and just need the email and first name of a potential customer.

Other times, it can be really confusing, like if you want to create say an automated tool to help writers determine their story structure, as we are.

In this article, we’ll talk about why you should decide the data your app will be working with first, how to determine your automation data, and how to structure it. I’ll also be sharing the data we’ll be using for this new project, and I’d love your feedback on it!

Your First Automation: Duplicate One Spreadsheet to Another

Your First Automation: Duplicate One Spreadsheet to Another

To help ease you into automations, I’m creating this new series called “Your First Automation” to help you learn the basics of automating everything. These guides should help ease you into automations, and also help show you a few tricks that you can use to create your own automations later.

The first automation we’re going to tackle in this series is one of the most basic, but also weirdly useful tricks: creating a duplicate of a spreadsheet.

How to Create Automated Birthday Reminders

How to Create Automated Birthday Reminders

It’s my birthday today! And so, in honor of my birthday, I’m going to show you how to create an automated birthday reminders system with Airtable and Zapier so you never forget to say happy birthday to a friend again!

Turn Off the Lights Automation: How to Easily and Automatically Turn Off Your Home Lights

Turn Off the Lights Automation: How to Easily and Automatically Turn Off Your Home Lights

“My wife forgets to turn off the lights when she leaves the house,” a reader told me recently. “I’d like a lights automation that turns them off when I leave home.”

Good news! If you want to spend less money on electricity, save time by not having to walk around the house before you leave, plus possibly save your marriage (or at least some annoyance with your spouse), there’s an automation for turning off your lights when you leave the house.

And it’s not even that hard!

In this guide, we’re going to look at the three best automations to turn off the lights: the easy way, medium way, and advanced way. Never leave the lights on again with these automations!

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