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I want to introduce you to my new website, Joe’s Automaton Army, which is kind of a tech blog, community, and place to figure out what’s happening in this world of automations and AI and productivity tools.

When it comes to AI, productivity, and automation, there are so many tools out there! You might not be quite sure how to use them, and more importantly, how to solve your real life problems.

That’s why we’re here, to help you come up with really interesting solutions through automation to solve your everyday problems.

If we haven’t met, my name is Joe, and I’m a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and a dad. I’m not a software developer or a tech guy. I’m just a writer. But I’ve been using automations to run my business and get more done with less for years. Now, I’m starting this community to help you do the same!

So check us out here at, and when you subscribe, you’ll get a copy of our 10 best tools for automations to help you solve your real life problems.

Looking forward to hearing what you think and welcome to the Fight Against Tedium.

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