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Can you help me? I want to create a new automation specifically for writers, maybe even a tool that anyone can use.

But I need your help deciding what to build!

UPDATE! Thanks to all of your feedback, we decide we’re going to create a drag-and-drop (hopefully) story structure builder. I’ll share my progress here as I build it so you can follow along and maybe even build something new yourself! As I got started with this project, the first step I took was to decide what data I was going to need for the automation, and so…

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Why Build an Automation for Writers?

At Joe’s Automaton Army, we’re all about creating automations that make your daily life simpler, and as a writer myself I’m very aware about how much repetitive work writers do that could probably be easier from research, plotting, drafting, and editing, publishing, to marketing.

But instead of guessing what might help you the most, I’d love to hear directly from you! What’s one tool or automation that could really change the game for your writing process?

For example:

  • Maybe something that helps pull research together automatically?
  • Or a tool that could help plot out your stories?
  • Or how about a beta reader system to find and manage beta readers?
  • What about an automation that manages your submissions to publishers and tracks responses?
  • Or a marketing automation?

This is your chance to dream up something that could genuinely help not just you, but countless other writers who face the same challenges.

Then, over the next couple of weeks I’ll design the tool, build it, and show you the process. Then we can all put it to use together to see how it works!

How to Share Your Writer Automation Ideas

Have an idea? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for helping us make something great. I can’t wait to see what we come up with together!

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